All-in-one white label Forex & CFD brokerage platform

Quick and easy way to start your brokerage business from scratch with a complete white label solution.

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in 2023


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What we are offering you

Rapid launch in 2 weeks

Save time and resources with a ready to go platform, enter the market quickly and start generating revenue

Branding freedom

Easily brand the platform with your logo and color scheme, creating a unique and recognizable presence in the market

Leading liquidity & technology

Empower your brokerage platform with the advanced technology and diverse range of multi-asset liquidity

Customization options

Customize trading instruments, assets, menu options, minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, chart types, and more

Compliance with any regulatory

Mitigate the challenge of ensuring your platform complies with financial regulations with our KYC module included

All the opportunities
for your complete brokerage business in one package

Unrivalled back-office

Manage every aspect of your CFD brokerage business.

Customers, admins, and IBs management with ease

Integrated with leading global KYC providers

Comprehensive ticket support system

Powerful CRM for marketing and sales

Full access to markets

Provide your customers with full access to markets

All global markets
in one place
Ultra-fast execution
Deep liquidity

Powerful dealing desk

Set aside dealing and risk management and concentrate solely on user acquisition

Wide range of available instruments

A-Book, B-Book and Hybrid models of orders execution

Optimal trading conditions and fast processing

Flexible spreads and commissions policies

Fraud/Abuse detection & management

Security built into DNA

Be confident in the security of your brokerage business


Data Privacy

Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

Third-Party Risk Management

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

GDPR compliant

All you need for sales & marketing

Make the most of every opportunity for engagement and retention.

Utilize email, push and pop-up notofications

Enhance your broker with a comprehensive sales module

Grow with a 20% conversion rate using proven tactics

Get insights via pre-integrated web and mobile tracking systems

Boost your business with
affiliate module

Unlock the potential for revenue growth with our powerful affiliate modules

IB Module




Become a dream broker
for your traders

Launch a trading platform with a smooth and seamless trading experience

Watch list

Asset selector

One-click trading


Up to 9 charts display

Making short positions

Leveraged trading

Negative balance protection









Universal and all-inclusive solution for brokerage business

Launch a trading platform with a smooth and seamless trading experience

Access to 100+ PSPs
out of the box

Obtain everything with our billing system, which is crafted to be flexible and hassle-free

Pre-connected top-tier liquidity providers

Harness the full potential of the pre-integrated upper echelon liquidity providers

You don’t have to begin
from scratch

Launch your own CFD brokerage using an all-inclusive, out-of-the-box solution.

Competitive Advantage

Utilize the know-how and skills of your white label provider to keep your competetive edge in the market

Scalability & technical support

Expand your business seamlessly with the scalability features offered by the white label CFD brokerage platform

Comprehensive Analytics

Empower your business with data-driven decision-making, get a 360° view with web and mobile traffic tracking

Cross platform
& Best-in-class UI

Benefit from the ability to offer services on any device, including the web, desktop, iOs, and Android

Quadcode solution

Setup costs


Time to market

from 2 weeks

Liquidity providers
Cross-platform trading solution
CRM system
Retention tools and affiliate module
KYC providers
Risk management
Legal support
Talent costs
Talent trading (optional)
Get started

Solution from scratch

Setup costs


Time to market

from 6 months

Liquidity providers
Cross-platform trading solution
CRM system
Retention tools and affiliate module
KYC providers
Risk management
Legal support
Talent costs
Talent trading (optional)

Trusted by brokers & exchanges all over the world

Kickstart your broker within 14 days

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Frequently Asked Questions
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How to start brokerage firm?

To start a brokerage business, find a reputable trading platform provider, enter into a white label partnership agreement, customize the platform to your brand, and then launch your brokerage by marketing your services to potential clients. At Quadcode, we provide hassle-free and cost-effective solution for launching your own brokerage business

I don’t have trading expertise can I still open broker?

The most important thing is to be a businessman, not a trader. We provide our expert consultation and support at every stage of operating your own brokerage business. Focus on being an entrepreneur. We take care of everything else.

How much does white label brokerage cost?

The cost of a white label brokerage ranges from around $25,000 to $50,000, depending on the technical specifications you need. Prices vary based on customization level, model, liquidity, back office, payment gates and other specific platform features.

Do I need to build a team and infrastructure?

You are only responsible for three aspects of your business: Attracting customers, offering customer support, and of course, generating profit. We take care of all other aspects of your brokerage business. You don’t need to hire additional staff.

What brokerage business model do you support?

We are completely flexible. In this regard, we offer A-Book, Hybrid, or B-Book business models.

Do I need a broker license?

You need to comply with the regulatory requirements of the country where you plan to conduct your brokerage business. If the laws of the country require a brokerage business license, you must have that license. If there are no such requirements, then there is no need.

Can I style the trading platform to my brand?

Yes, we provide a fully customizable solution, allowing you to add your personal touch to your traderoom, choosing a logo, color scheme, and available tools.

Do you provide liquidity and can I connect other liquidity providers?

We offer pre-connected top-tier liquidity and quote providers; however, you can connect to other LPs of your choice.

What advantages your platform has comparing to MT4/MT5?

Our platform stands out with its modern and user-friendly design, ensuring a comprehensive and smooth user experience for traders.

Can I connect other PSPs?

Yes, you can connect other Payment Service Providers (PSPs), but it is essential that the chosen payment system holds a valid license.